Are Half Birthdays a Thing?

My youngest son turned 6 months a few days ago (I feel like I just had him). Back in January I started planning his half birthday photo shoot. As I was sitting down with co-workers during lunch one day, I was explaining to them my grand plans for this photo shoot. One of my co-workers asked, “are half birthdays a thing?” and I responded by saying YES! I later began to really think about that question. Am I doing too much? Am I being really extra? Well, I am extra and I always do too much, so yes, half birthdays are my thing!

The deets: I ordered the half birthday hat & bow-tie from PreshToast on Etsy and the half cake was from a local baker named Dominique Temple. I called around to several bakeries in the Hammond/Ponchatoula, Louisiana area but none of them made half cakes. I even tried some bakeries in the Covington area but still nothing! The photos were taken by Jardel & Cece Edmondson of Edmondson Photography.

I hope this inspires someone to do something different or creative! Do not dim your light or make small of your great ideas. I plan on doing the most all 2018 so y’all get ready!!


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