How Bad Do You Want It??

I made it to day 4 of my 30 day detox, and it feels like day 14 lol. I want to end on a good note, so I will talk about my challenges first.

Working out is not a joke. Once I get started I’m fine, BUT getting started has all but killed me. I’m sore all over. I keep asking myself, how bad do you want this transformation Fallon?? If you want something bad enough, you will run over roadblocks, kick bad habits, and karate chop obstacles.

Hangry – the moment right before you consider eating your 10 month old’s Puffs because you are so hungry. I like to snack throughout the day, and I’m so tired of eating nuts I can just throw the whole can away. The more I work out, the more food I want. It seems like my “healthy” snacks are not keeping me full very long. I’m going to try some different snacks this week.

Now, before we all decide to throw the towel in, let me talk about my wins. The biggest win of all, is that I have not given up. I’M STILL HERE. Not everyday has been easy, but it is all worth it! Another win, my husband has decided to join me! He has been such a big help with my workouts. He pushes me to keep going those last 10 minutes when I want to quit and cry. Even though this journey started a few days ago, I am starting to feel so much better. I’m more energized. Eating clean and drinking lots of water has improved my mood. I’m able to run around with my kids easier than I did before.

You got this! You can do it too! It’s a new month and you can set new goals for yourself. If you fell down, get back up & keep going! It’s hard to beat someone who never gives up.

What’s Next – Beginning Thursday, July 5th, I’m going to go on a mental detox. Whew, that’s a tough one. Our thoughts shape our world.

I will give you the details later so stay tuned. Don’t worry, we will continue working out, eating clean, and drinking water too!

Before & After –


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