Soul Searching – What will you find?

I am exactly one week away from my 30th birthday. I AM ALMOST THIRTY!! I am so excited for this next chapter of my life. In order to close out my 30 day detox, I am focusing on feeding my soul. I have paid close attention to my body, my mind, and now my soul.

“The soul usually knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.”

When I started blogging a few short weeks ago, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. I am driven to become the best version of myself, and I am committed to doing the work. Is it hard? Yes! Do I fail, sometimes? Yes! Do I keep going? YES!

Be gentle with yourself, this thing called life is hard. If you are better today than you were yesterday, give yourself some praise.

So, what exactly am I doing???

1. Don’t treat people like they treat you – this is a hard one. If I can be honest, recently I had several situations happen to me and I could have chosen to react negatively. I could have said some really mean things (although truthful), but I decided not to. I am learning not to give others that much power over me. It is easy to respond especially when you have been wronged in a situation, but silence is golden. Misery loves company – I’ll just leave it at that. I am learning to take the high road and it is definitely paying off.

2. Do what makes you happy – Sometimes it is good to spend a few more minutes pampering yourself. I can get lost in my “to-do” lists and forget to ADD myself to the list. I love waking up early while everyone else is still asleep so I can meditate and spend time with God. If I sacrifice and wake up early, I never miss the sleep!! Go the extra mile for you.

3. Are you bearing fruit? – It is important to do a “check-up” in our lives. Are your relationships toxic? How is your attitude? What are you doing with the gifts that have been given to you? I had to “check” myself while answering some of these questions. Sometimes we get off track or lose focus, but I am here to tell you it’s not too late. If something doesn’t have a positive impact on your life, re-evaluate it.

You can decide today to live a better life tomorrow. Start small. You may need to distance yourself from some people. You may need to invest more time in yourself. Whatever it is, commit to doing the work, and I promise you it will pay off.


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