It’s My Birthday!!


I feel so blessed this morning as I woke up to so much love! God is so good!! My husband and kids showered me with love, appreciation, and gifts. The older I get, experiences and small things mean so much more to me. I can remember my early twenties when I used to DREAD my thirties. Now that I am here, I am loving every minute of it!

Vintage – The time that something of quality was produced.

My theme this year is vintage because it reminds me of my quality, my value, my purpose. Quality is defined as the degree of excellence of something; a distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed by someone or something.

This is my year to not hold anything back! I’m going to let my light shine and if others don’t like it, they can always put shades on! Do not dim your light so others feel more comfortable. Ladies, we need to LEVEL UP! Surround yourself with people who help bring you higher in life. Yes, we all fall down BUT we get back up again. It doesn’t matter what your past looks like. If it didn’t kill you, I know it made you stronger!

As a way to celebrate my birthday, I wanted to take some pictures. You know, get a little fancy lol. At the very last minute (one week before the shoot), my vintage idea went off in my head like a light bulb. I knew I couldn’t do it alone, so I found some help. Secret – you need a dream team to help bring your vision to reality. Luckily, God always places the right people in your life at the right time! I can’t thank my dream team enough!!!!

Life Partner, Supporter, and Vintage Piano: Teal Myers (my husband)

Fashion Stylist, Hair Stylist, and Makeup Artist: Victoria Smallwood –  Vogue Salon

Vintage Car & Photographers: CeCe & Jardel Edmondson –  Edmondson Photography

piano pic

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